Let’s Talk About Stress, Baby!


“Stress.” The word is everywhere. I think many of us use it on a daily basis! No matter what stage of life we seem to be in, it seems to invade our lives, our relationships, and our health.


Stress is a pretty generic word. If you ask 5 people to define ‘stress’ you will likely get five variations on the theme. I like this one…


“Stress is our body’s response to pressure. Many different situation or life events can cause stress. It is often triggered when we experience something new, unexpected or that threatens our sense of self, or when we feel we have little control over a situation.”


The intensity of the stress is subjective to one’s perceptions. The intensity of the response is also subjective depending on SO many factors including, but not limited to, coping skills, support systems, age, experience, and on and on. But the reality is that stress does impact our lives.


It seems that there is another problem with the stress and how we experience it. Stress has become a catch-all term for labeling many other emotions and feelings. Part of dealing with the stress in our lives is learning how to identify it; acknowledging the feelings, determining the source or sources, and labeling what we are actually feeling. Those labels could include, but are certainly not limited to; exhaustion, anxiety, burnout, overwhelm, and even rejection. Our experience of stress is a complicated one.


That said, the experience of stress is one that is easy to underestimate. It is easy to say “I’m stressed” and power on. We push it aside, work through it, manage it, and deal…or so we think. The effects of stress are evident both in our internal and our external worlds. The impact it has, as noted earlier, on our relationships and our health are reaching devastating intensities. I know I am not alone in admitting that I have allowed my stress levels to get to places that felt insurmountable, and I let it impact every element of my life, most notably my health.


This post is a brief introduction to an extensive series of upcoming posts, dealing specifically with, you guessed it…STRESS! I will provide you with information on the all the different ways stress invades our bodies and affects our systems from our immune system to our digestive system and to possible hair loss, and sadly others. Learn how stress interferes with sleep and food choices. But there will also be information on strategies for recognizing and managing stress. Implementing simple habits, developing self-care routines, exploring morning and night-time routines, holistic approaches and exercise will all be a part of this series.


I referred briefly to my experience with stress, or whatever the label was that was more suitable on any given day. But I have also worked hard to learn, understand, to grow and to implement the strategies to help improve my ability to deal with the stresses I encounter. I have built a morning routine that feeds my soul, I use words differently and confess my challenges, and I have worked very hard at the relational aspects of my stress, including understanding the role of boundaries in my relationships.


As we move through this series there will come program offerings for you to try. Everything from simple checklists to a hybrid DIY & interactive program offering will be available. And later in the series, there will be a more intensive program offer to help you, if you choose, to examine the stress in your life, identify sources and establish systems that work for YOU and meet your needs.

O.K…let’s talk about stress.





“Stress.” Mental Health Foundation, 11 Nov. 2021, https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/a-to-z/s/stress.

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