Finding the Path to Inner Peace

What does it mean to have inner peace? In this “always in a rush” world, it can be challenging to establish and maintain feelings of inner peace. But if you work on it, you can discover how to cultivate a calm life that’s free of pettiness and turmoil.


Apply these ideas and strategies to pave your own road to serenity:


  1. Realize that your life matters. Regardless of who you are, you’re just as important as the next person. On the flipside, you’re also as insignificant as the next guy. When you understand this, it will help you tremendously in living an unaffected life.

  2. Refuse to judge others. It’s difficult to let go of the internal judge that we all seem to have. Noticing things we dislike about others, talking about those issues, and giving too much attention to things out of our control is a huge waste of our emotional resources.

  3. Focus on the positives in your life. Perhaps you have a great spouse, healthy kids, and a job that helps you live the lifestyle you want. Therefore, you’re rich by many standards.

  4. Find the “holes” in your life and plug them. In other words, if you have a few unhealthy habits you’d like to eliminate, target them one at a time, and change them.


  • For example, maybe you say, “I’d have the greatest life ever if I could only [fill in the blank].” Then, figure out a way to achieve what’s lacking or alter how you see situations you’re unable to control.

  1. Recognize that you’re entitled to live a successful life. Forget about keeping up with your coworkers, neighbors, or close friends. What do you think reflects success for you? Live by your own standards.

  2. Be kind to others. It may sound like you’re back in kindergarten, but it’s important to be nice to those around you. Life often sweeps us away to the point that we’re so intent on accomplishing our goals that we lose sight of the fact that we’re all here together. Make time for small gestures of kindness to uplift those around you.

  3. Go on a personal crusade to find the goodness in you. What character traits do you possess that are desired and cherished by others and yourself? Know them. Acknowledge the goodness within you.

  4. Seek spiritual guidance and support. If you wish to be a part of an organized religion, visit various houses of worship until you find something that feels right to you. You’ll know it when you experience it.

  5. Practice yoga or another physical activity that fills you with peace. When you’ve engaged in physical activity to expend some energy, reaching a place of calm often follows.

  6. Consider reading about and practicing some form of meditation. Start out by meditating for ten minutes per day in the morning. Sit in a quiet room in a comfortable position. Stare at an item on the wall or close your eyes. Listen to your own breathing.

  • Focus on how the air sounds with each breath. If it helps, say something repetitiously to yourself, like “in” and “out” in coordination with your breathing. Allow thoughts to flow in and out of your mind. You’ll feel surprisingly calm when you’re finished.


Finding your path to inner peace can be an adventure full of interesting experiences. Focus on achieving inner peace. You’ll ignite your passion for life. Namaste.

Your First Step into Balance

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